A Minute in the City 1-2-24: New Beginnings

‘Tis the season for new beginnings: New Year’s resolutions, New Year’s babies, new semesters in school, new snow to make tracks in.

Yes, let’s go with that one. New snow. Whether or not it happens this year, most of us Midwesterners know the sensation of stepping out into the white stuff and claiming it for our own. Look, we say as we make tracks on the snowy landscape. We were here! We did this thing!

It is an apt metaphor for the artist. Fresh snowfall is a blank piece of paper inviting us to play, to discover, to create, to make an impression. Just let the pen fall where it will, and who knows? Something amazing could happen.

In 2017, I stepped out into the nothingness, and a calendar was born. It was such an exhilarating experience that I could hardly wait to create the next one. So I didn’t wait. As soon as my 2018 calendar was hung on the wall, I sent 2019 to the printer…and I started creating the artwork for 2020.

For seven years, I hardly knew what year it was, nor did I care. I was knee deep in experiential play and learning. I was discovering so much about St. Louis, about color and light, about people, about business. I was firing on all four cylinders at once.

My marketing background had taught me that every product had a life cycle, and I accepted that as fact. My calendar might live for seven seasons, but no more. I would not create an eighth. Instead, I would look to that enticing blank piece of paper once more and let the pen fall where it might. I would do something new.

In this first week of 2024, I have a few new products in the incubation stage. It’s still too early to tell if they’ll be viable, but, like new snow, they are inviting me to come out and play. They’re making me feel like a kid again.

In the meantime, old projects are getting new life. An illustration of the Hi-Pointe Theatre which almost made it into the calendar a few years ago is being released as an archival print this month. Like all my archivals, it will be limited to a series of only 100 prints!

The NEW CITY STUFF tab on my website will continue to amass new art as it’s created. It is the electronic version of the blank page, the snowy landscape, leading me forward. I can’t wait to get out there again.


As its name implies, The Hi-Pointe Theatre stands like a beacon at the highest point in the city, with the world’s largest Amoco sign as its neighbor. Both were built more than 100 years ago. My Hi-Pointe image is available as a 16 x 20 limited edition, signed-and-numbered print. For more information, please visit https://ayearinthecity.com/product/a-year-in-the-city-unframed-archival-prints/