Merry Business. The art of gifting clients at the end of the year.

I am excited to be in an office job as the holidays draw near. Usually, that means cookies and candy will start to show up in the break room. And even though I’ll say, “I shouldn’t,” I already know I will.

The great thing about edible gifts is that they often get shared. The bad thing is that no one remembers who sent them. I can still taste the Fairy Tale Brownies I sampled at work in December of 2010, but I have no idea which of our vendors had them delivered to our office. The next year, when I was asked to come up with holiday gift ideas, I suggested we send candy and – what else? – calendars!

This is not just a shameless ploy to sell my own calendar this year, but that is part of the message. Because, when you send your clients calendars for the holidays, you stay in front of them all year long.

Here are a few of the ways you can use A YEAR IN THE CITY calendars to increase visibility with your prospects and clients in 2018:

  • Order your calendars with a customized label. This label can include anything you want it to, including a special message, an invitation to a holiday open house, or a logo.
  • Order a custom stamp for the back of the calendar. This can – and should – include your logo to build brand awareness!
  • Have your calendars shipped directly to your clients. This saves you time and keeps the clutter out of your break room (so you have more room for cookies!)
  • Ask to have a portion of your calendar cost donated to a specific charity, and share this in your messaging to clients.
  • I will honor the first realty company, the first tech company, the first financial institution (etc to order two dozen calendars or more. First come, first served.

A YEAR IN THE CITY was designed to be a gift, just as the new year is a gift. I think of it as a fresh start, a quiet snowfall, waiting for us to make our mark. We may have experienced a challenging year in our city, but that’s all the more reason to remind others of all the things we love about this place. If you are looking for a positive message to send your business associates this December, please contact me directly at

Oh, and Merry Business!

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